about us

We are Middendorf & Reuss Construction, a company with a rich history and a contemporary commitment to delivering exceptional construction services. With 36 years of dedicated service, we’re your reliable partner for all of your construction needs. We offer an extensive portfolio of project capabilities, serving a diverse range of sectors, from commercial to industrial, educational, residential, and more.





Mike Middendorf Sr. founded ‘Middendorf Construction Inc.’ with a focus on residential home building. What started as a small venture grew rapidly, and we established ourselves as a trusted name in crafting dream homes for our clients in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

Old black-and-white photograph of the original employees at Middendorf & Reuss Construction



The ‘Middendorf and Reuss’ legacy was born when Mike Sr. joined forces with his brother, Curt Middendorf, and cousin, Wayne Reuss. This partnership marked a turning point in our history, as we became ‘Middendorf and Reuss”.

Mike Sr. Middendorf, Curt Middendorf, and Wayne Reuss standing together outside of Middendorf & Reuss office


Mike Middendorf Jr. joins the team

Over the years, we broadened our horizons and ventured into commercial and industrial construction, expanding our capabilities to meet the diverse needs of our clients. In 1991, Mike Middendorf Jr. joined our ranks and became one of three company partners by 2005. With his visionary leadership, we continued to push the boundaries, further excelling in the commercial and industrial sectors while preserving our residential roots.



Mike middendorf jr. becomes sole owner of middendorf & reuss construction

In 2018, Mike Jr. took sole ownership following the retirement of his father, Mike Middendorf Sr., and uncle, Curt Middendorf. Under Mike Jr.’s leadership, our company has experienced unprecedented growth and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, leading to annual expansion and increasing market exposure.



Josh Middendorf becomes part owner of middendorf & reuss construction

Through years of experience, following in the footsteps of his father, next generation Josh Middendorf found a profound drive to continue Middendorf and Reuss’s dedication to quality workmanship, unwavering customer commitment, and our enduring passion for construction excellence. In 2024, Josh took part ownership, amplifying our ongoing success and drive to carry on our family legacy.

Mike and Josh Middendorf standing in front of the office sign in Freeburg, IL

The Middendorf and Reuss Promise

Our promise is centered around one core principle: unwavering dedication to our clients. We understand that our clients are at the heart of our business, and their trust and satisfaction are vital. Since our founding, our journey has evolved from residential home building to serving a diverse range of sectors, including commercial, industrial, multi-family, and more. Throughout our history, we have stayed true to our commitment to deliver projects that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Our promise is our legacy, and it’s a testament to our passion for construction excellence.