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“The City of Kirkwood is in year two of a five-year contract with Middendorf & Reuss Construction. We have had great success working together as a team. The staff at M & R are very professional & responsive to the city’s needs. Middendorf & Reuss have provided us with second-to-none quality of work. The City of Kirkwood highly recommends Middendorf & Reuss.”

Trace Walls
City of Kirkwood

“The M&R team offers a full-service program, everything from concept plans to occupancy. They have helped me design buildings as well as site plans and building materials. They are always looking at ways to help us do better and be as efficient as possible. Their team shows up on-site, on time, and ready to work!”

Joe Koppeis
Admiral Parkway Development

“In choosing a builder/developer for our new location in Swansea, Illinois, we met with Mike Middendorf and hands-down have had no regrets in choosing Middendorf & Reuss as our builder. Mike and his team provided excellent, on-site project management and workmanship from the development of the property to the construction and completion of the building. They made sure to address all our concerns through regular meetings and kept the build moving to meet our timeline for completion. We highly recommend Middendorf & Reuss not only for the quality of their work but for the integrity in which they do business!”

Cheryl Young
Hartmann Turf and Tractor

“We absolutely loved working with M&R. Not only are they incredible guys, their work is second to none. We love our building and would highly recommend M&R to anyone looking for quality construction and a great team to do it!”

Jamey Bridges
Life Community Church

“We have worked with the M&R team on several projects over the years.  They have worked at our home as well as our commercial properties. The service and quality of workmanship exceeded our expectations regardless of the project.  You can count on their expertise and their ability to get the job done correctly and on time.  We would highly recommend Middendorf & Reuss.”

Tracy McCullough
McCullough’s Flooring

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